Birth of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor

Birth of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor

Holy Roman Emperor Henry V
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Henry V, eventual Holy Roman Emperor, is born in Goslar, Saxony. The fourth and last ruler from the Salian dynasty, Henry V will rebel against his father, Henry IV, and take over at the instigation of Pope Paschal II.

The pope hopes the son will be easier to deal with than the father in the conflict over investiture (i.e., who has the authority to appoint bishops and abbots).

In reality, Henry V will prove to be even more committed than his father to the idea that the crown has the right and the authority to appoint bishops and abbots. Henry V even goes so far as to arrest the pope and hold him prisoner until his demands are met.

It's not until the Concordat of Worms that Holy Roman Emperor Henry V completely surrenders any claim over investiture and accepts the Gregorian reforms.

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