Emperors Order that the Catholic Church Be Protected from Pagans and Jews

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Roman emperors Honorius and Theodosius II decree that previous laws against pagans and Jews must be enforced in order to prevent them from bothering the Catholic church.

The new imperial decree states:

"The Donatists and the rest of the vain heretics who refuse to be converted to the Catholic communion, including all Jews and pagans, must not imagine that any laws previously issued against them have diminished in force.

Judges must not hesitate to execute those laws and if any fail to execute the present law, he will forfeit his official rank and his office staff will be fined twenty pounds of gold.

If the members of a municipal senate out of favoritism to the criminals keep quiet about the commission of such offenses, they will be deported and have all their property confiscated." [CTh 16.5.46]
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