Future Pope Pius XI Writes that Polish Jews are Evil

Future Pope Pius XI Writes that Polish Jews are Evil

Achille Ratti, Pope Pius XI
Source: Wikipedia

Achille Ratti, the future Pope Pius XI, writes a letter Cardinal Pietro Gasparri, Vatican Secretary of State, about the evil influence of Jews in Polish society.

According to Ratti:

"One of the most evil and strongest influences that is felt here, perhaps the strongest and most evil, is that of the Jews."

In discussions about the Vatican's actions, or lack thereof, during the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII will often compared unfavorably to Pius XI - the former is often treated as being more anti-Semitic with the latter being more sympathetic to the Jews.

It appears that Pius XI did become more sympathetic to Jews near the end of his life, but comments like the above here indicate that he had been fully immersed in traditional anti-Semitic teachings and prejudices of the Catholic Church.

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