Constantius II Orders Confiscation of Property of Christians Converting to Judaism

Emperor Constantius II issues a decree to confiscate all of the property anyone who converts from Christianity to Judaism. Christians worked hard to convert Jews, and they absolutely rejected conversion back to Judaism. Being Jewish is apparently something that one should be ashamed of.

This new law says:

"In accordance with the venerable law which has been established, We command that if anyone is converted from Christianity to Judaism and joins the sacrilegious gatherings of the Jews, when the accusation has been proven their property will be turned over to the government." [CTh 16.8.7]

Judaism may not be forbidden, but the emperors are determined to make conversion away from Christianity as costly as possible. Conversion from Christianity to Judaism must be a bit of a problem, at least in some areas of the empire, otherwise there wouldn't have been a need for a decree like this.

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