At Siege of Jerusalem Wall Protecting City is Breached Hot

At Siege of Jerusalem Wall Protecting City is Breached

Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem
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Siege of Jerusalem: The middle wall protecting Jerusalem is breached by Titus and his Roman soldiers. He won't finally conquer Jerusalem until September after he completes a rampart around the city that requires cutting down all trees within 15 kilometers of the city.

When Titus breaches the walls, more than 100,000 Jews are killed and another 90,000 are sold into slavery across the Roman Empire. Nearly everything in Jerusalem is razed to the ground and Judah becomes a minor Roman province.

The Sanhedrin is abolished and the priesthood is over. Only the Pharisees remain as religious leaders who can carry on Jewish traditions, and it is out of their group that the modern Jewish rabbi develops.


The Siege of Jerusalem

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