John Godsey, Defense Lawyer for John Scopes, Submits Motion to get Indictment Quashed

John L. Godsey, a former judge assisting in the defense of John Scopes, submits a motion to the court asking that the indictment against Scopes be quashed on the grounds that the Butler Act is unconstitutional. The motion will be denied, but if it were accepted then the Scopes Monkey Trial would have ended before it even began.

John L. Godsey is one of the original "Drug Store Conspirators" for the Scopes Trial — a group of prominent local men who arranged for this case to happen in Dayton, Tennessee, in order to bring publicity and business for the town. Several of these men also volunteered to help out with the case; Godsey agreed to work for the defense.

His fellow "conspirators" are not at all happy that he has filed this motion because if the case ends too quickly then Dayton won't have a chance to benefit from the publicity and attention. Godsey will later drop out of the case, fearing what his involvement might do to his reputation and legal business.


God v. Darwin: The Scopes Trial

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