Dudley Field Malone Declares Evolution and Christianity Can Co-Exist Hot

Dudley Field Malone Declares Evolution and Christianity Can Co-Exist

Jury for the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee

Dudley Field Malone, a New York lawyer who is participating in the defense of John T. Scopes in Dayton, Tennessee, tells reporters that there is no reason why a person can't both accept evolution and be a Christian.

Thus the Scopes Monkey Trial shouldn't be seen as one about religion, but rather about free speech and the freedom of teachers. John Scopes has been charged with violating the Butler Act by teaching evolution in public school.

Dudley Malone says that he has come to Tennessee

"on behalf of young men and young women who are entitled in all public and private institutions to be taught the truth and the whole truth.

The chief aim of holding such a trial as that of Scopes in Dayton is to expose the motives and purposes which lie behind legislation of this kind. An exposé of Mr. [William Jennings] Bryan and the psychology of people of his type in this country should do a great deal toward clearing the air for straight thinking.

The attorneys for the defense have as many different philosophies of life as any other group of men, but we are all agreed that the battle line has been pitched at Dayton to make a stand for the right of teachers to teach and the right of young people to learn the truth and the whole truth about art, religion, literature, and science.

Darrow is, in his philosophy, a pessimist; I am an optimist. Darrow is an agnostic, but I believe in God and in the duty of a Christian. I find no difficulty on holding with devotion to Christianity and also to evolution.

My love for my mother has never interfered with my love for my wife. There is no conflict in such a dual allegiance. Theology is concerned with the aspirations of the man and with their faith in the future. Science is concerned with the process of nature. Theology may be static, but science must be on progress, development, and constant experimentation.

The more we know about nature and the more we learn about nature through science, the greater should be our appreciation of the beauty and power of God."


Scopes Monkey Trial, Dayton, Tennessee

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