Education Minister Berhard Rust Expels All Jewish Students From Schools Hot

Education Minister Berhard Rust Expels All Jewish Students From Schools

Berhard Rust

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Bernhard Rust, the Nazi Minister of Education in Germany, expels all Jewish students from all universities, technical schools, and various institutions of higher learning. Rectors of all German universities are instructed to no longer admit any Jewish students to any lectures or examinations. Since 1935 there has already been a quota system limiting Jewish admission to these schools.

Jews were already removed from lower schools in 1936 and limited to private Jewish schools, and Jewish professors and teachers have already been banned from German schools. So this new decree from the Nazi leadership is the final step in separating Jews from Aryan Germans in German education.

Although students kicked out of lower schools had the option of private Jewish schools so they could continue their education, there are no such prospects for students at universities and technical schools because no private Jewish equivalents exist.


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