Extermination of European Jews is Discussed in Nazi Newspaper

Extermination of European Jews is Discussed in Nazi Newspaper

Das Schwarze Corps

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Das Schwarze Corps, an SS periodical, publishes a statement about what should happen to Jews throughout Europe — namely, extermination.

The article in Das Schwarze Corps says:

"If we had completely solved the Jewish Problem with brutal methods back in 1933, there wouldn't have been any greater complaints than there are currently when we are solving the Jewish Problem step by step, with individual measures that the Jews and their friends are forcing on us.

In 1933, though, Germany didn't have the military means to enter into an international conflict over the Jewish Problem. Things are different today and no power in the world can prevent Germany from now enacting a total Solution to the Jewish Problem. ...

This stage of development will impose on us the vital necessity to exterminate this Jewish sub-humanity, as we exterminate all criminals in our ordered country: by fire and the sword! The outcome will be the final catastrophe for Jewry in Germany, its total annihilation."


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