All Synagogues in Lodz are Destroyed by the Nazis

All Synagogues in Lodz are Destroyed by the Nazis

Ghetto Litzmannstadt (Lodz): Children rounded up for deportation to the Chelmno death camp
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Nazis destroy all the synagogues in Lodz. Within a year the Nazis will have established a ghetto for the Jews of the Lodz area — over 230,000, around one-third of the total city population.

In 1941, the Nazis will start deporting people from the ghetto to Chelmno, the first of the death camps created under Operation Reinhard. By September 1942 people in the Lodz ghetto will start to realize that deportation is a death sentence because the clothing and personal belongings of those murdered are sent back to Lodz for processing.


Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Yehuda Feigin

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