Himmler Orders German Police Employees to Watch Anti-Semitic Film Hot

Himmler Orders German Police Employees to Watch Anti-Semitic Film

Heinrich Himmler, 1940

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Heinrich Himmler orders that all employees of the German police services must watch the anti-Semitic film Jud Süss at some point during the winter. This is one of the most popular and successful anti-semitic films produced by Nazi Germany. It is even financially successful.

Veit Harlan, director of Jud Süss, will be the only film director of the Third Reich who is put on trial for "crimes against of humanity" — that's how significant this movie is as a piece of antisemitic propaganda. Indeed, it's precisely because of his talents as a director that Jud Süss is able to rise above the usual crass propaganda produced by the Nazi government and become a well-made, even artistically good film.

Jud Süss is thus a strong example of how much damage good art can do when it is joined with a harmful political or religious ideology.


Jew Süss 1940 directed by Veit Harlan Full Movie with English Subs

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