U.S. Catholic Bishops Declare Christianity not Secularism is Foundation of Lasting Peace

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In the United States, the Catholic bishops and archbishops issue a statement saying that the only firm foundation for a lasting peace is Christianity; secularism will not be able to do the job.

The Catholic hierarchy's statement says:

"In the discharge of occur pastoral responsibility, we are gravely concerned about the world peace of tomorrow.

Secularism cannot write a lasting peace. Its narrow vision does not encompass the whole man, it cannot evaluate the spirituality of the human soul and the supreme good of all mankind. ...

The spirit of Christianity can write a real and lasting peace in justice and charity to all nations, even those not Christian."

For some reason, America's bishops and archbishops seem to have forgotten to include an explanation for why Christianity has failed to "write a real and lasting peace" before now, or why anyone should believe that suddenly it will.

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