Jews Exempted from Compulsory Taxes by Constantine the Great Hot

Jews Exempted from Compulsory Taxes by Constantine the Great

Emperor Constantine the Great

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Emperor Constantine the Great decrees that Jewish elders be exempt from compulsory public service.

According to Constantine's new law:

"We command that the priests, rulers of synagogues, fathers of synagogues, and all those who serve the synagogues are free from every compulsory public service of a corporal nature." [CTh 16.8.4]

The exemption from compulsory public service is very valuable because anyone who has to perform it will usually end up investing quite a lot of their own money in the task. Usually this sort of exemption is only offered to Christians and members of the Christian clergy, so offering it to Jewish leaders is an important concession of religious tolerance and equality.


Emperors of Rome: Constantine

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