Roman Emperors Permit Jews to Own Christian Slaves

Roman Emperors Permit Jews to Own Christian Slaves

Emperor Theodosius II

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Roman emperors Honorius and Theodosius II issue a new law permitting Jews to own Christian slaves, but only on the condition that those slaves are allowed to continue being Christian.

This new law says:

"Jewish masters can have Christian slaves on the sole condition that they permit such slaves to retain their own religion.

Provincial judges carefully examine the information they receive and repress the insolence of those persons who think that by means of timely supplications can lay accusations against the Jews. All rescripts that have been surreptitiously and fraudulently elicited or those so elicited hereafter shall be annulled. Anyone who violates these regulations, will be punished as if guilty of sacrilege." [CTh 16.9.3]


Theodosius's Hagia Sophia (Remains)

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