Massachusetts Bay Colony Tries and Convicts Anne Hutchinson for Heresy Hot

Massachusetts Bay Colony Tries and Convicts Anne Hutchinson for Heresy

Anne Hutchinson on Trial

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The Massachusetts Bay Colony tries and convicts Anne Hutchinson for heresy, sentencing her to be banished. This sentence will be carried out in March 1638, when she and her family move to New Netherland (later Bronx, New York City). In 1643, all but one of the members of her family and household will be scalped by warriors of the Siwanoy tribe.

Most of the ideas which Anne Hutchinson has advocated do not differ greatly from the orthodox beliefs of the Puritan leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The primary problem people have with her is simply the fact that she is making any sort of challenge to the authority of those in charge — and in particular, the authority of men.

Even worse, many residents in the colony have actually been listening to her and taking her ideas seriously. No matter how trivial the differences between her and church leaders, the fact that a woman has been exercising real teaching authority over people is unforgivable.


A Covenant of Courage: Anne Hutchinson

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