Birth of Annie Besant, Life-Long Political Reformer and Activist Hot

Birth of Annie Besant, Life-Long Political Reformer and Activist

Annie Besant, 1925

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Annie Besant is born in London. Besant will be a lifelong political reformer and activist. She fights for women's suffrage, secularism, freethought, birth control, workers' rights, and Indian independence.

Much of her work on matters pertaining to religion will be a product of her failed marriage. She will separate from Frank Besant over strong political and religious differences of opinion; once on her own, she begins to seriously question the religious beliefs she was raised with.

It won't long before Annie Besant will start writing scathing critiques of the church, for example the ways in which churches control people's lives and limit their options. She will be particularly concerned, however, with how the Church of England is a state-sponsored faith, and this starts her work for the National Secular Society.

As it turns out, Annie Besant becomes an excellent speaker and soon will be in high demand, speaking on a variety of liberal and secularist issues. Together with Charles Bradlaugh, leader of the National Secularist Society, she will promote birth control. At one point the two are even arrested and convicted for publishing a book explaining how to avoid conception.


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