Statute of Kalisz Grants Polish Jews Unheard of Guarantees of Safety & Personal Liberty Hot

Statute of Kalisz Grants Polish Jews Unheard of Guarantees of Safety & Personal Liberty

Boleslaw the Pious, Duke of Greater Poland
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Statute of Kalisz: Boleslaw the Pious, Duke of Greater Poland, issues a "General Charter of Jewish Liberties" providing basic guarantees of safety and personal liberty for Jews in Polish lands.

This statute also helps create a Yiddish-speaking autonomous Jewish "nation within a nation" in which Jews enjoy some political autonomy and are permitted to use Yiddish as their official language.

The legal rights provided to Jews under the Statute of Kalisz are completely unprecedented in Europe or any other region under Christian control thus far in history.

Some of the important provisions of the Statute of Kalisz include:

"1. ...Should a Jew be taken to court, not only a Christian must testify against him, but also a Jew, in order for the case to be considered valid.

2. ...If any Christian shall sue a Jew, asserting that he has pawned securities with him, and the Jew denies it, then if the Christian refuses to accept the simple word of the Jew, the Jew by taking oath must be free of the Christian.

10. ...As punishment for killing a Jew, a suitable punishment and confiscation of property is necessary.

17. ...Any Jew may freely and securely walk or ride without any let or hindrance in our realm. They shall pay customary tolls just as other Christians do, and nothing else.

11. ...For striking a Jew, the usual punishment in the country shall apply.

36. ...Jews are allowed to purchase any items, as well as to touch bread and other food."
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