Julius Streicher Calls for Extermination of All Jews in the World

Julius Streicher Calls for Extermination of All Jews in the World

Julius Streicher, 1935
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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The New York Times runs an article under the headline "The Way to Solve the Problem is to Exterminate Them," quoting Julius Streicher saying that the only way to deal with Germany's Jews is to exterminate them — all of them, all over the world.

According to the article:

"The Nuremberg high-priest of anti-Semitism...announced that in the last analysis, extermination is the only real solution to the Jewish problem.

Mr. Streicher made it clear in his address that he was not discussing the question in regard to Germany alone...but of a world problem. He declared there were some who believed the Jewish question could be solved 'without blood,' but...they were seriously mistaken. ...

If a final solution was to be reached 'one must go to the bloody path.'

Such measures would be justified, Mr. Streicher declared, 'because the Jews always attained their ends through wholesale murder and have been responsible for wars and massacres. To secure the safety of the whole world, they must be exterminated,' he said."
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